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    Exclusively Criminal Defence Lawyer (Newmarket & Toronto)

    In addition to his B.A. and M.Ed., Vladimir Semyonov received his LL.B. from Osgoode Hall Law School in Toronto. Our law office serves clients in Newmarket and Toronto area with criminal defence legal services.

    After articling and working as an associate at McCarthy Tétrault, Canada’s largest law firm, Mr. Semyonov spent two years working at the London, England office of Baker & McKenzie, the world’s largest law firm. Mr. Semyonov is licensed to practice law in Ontario, England and Wales.

    Since his return to Canada in 2003, Mr. Semyonov’s practice has been focused exclusively on criminal. Mr. Semyonov was awarded the Legal Aid Ontario Client Service Award for 2005. In addition to his private practice, Mr. Semyonov has also worked as an Assistant Crown Attorney in North York.

    Extensive Experience

    Mr. Semyonov is probably “the most international” lawyer in Canada, having worked on assignments in 27 countries and been exposed to various world cultures and legal systems. He is fully fluent in English, Russian, Spanish and Portuguese languages and has working knowledge of Italian and French.


    “Mr. Semyonov is probably ‘the most international’ lawyer in Canada, having worked on assignments in 27 countries and been exposed to various world cultures and legal systems.”

    Bail Hearings

    Criminal Court Of Appeal

    Drug Offences


    Parole & Probation


    Youth Court


    Our law firm is focused on providing expert representation to persons charged with criminal offences. We possess a wealth of experience in the criminal justice system as well as the immigration law system.

    Our practice includes adults and youths in connection with their criminal matters. We also represent clients at sentencing hearings and criminal appeals. We provide expert support and assistance to lawyers in other fields (such as commercial law) when their matters cross over into the criminal or immigration law realms.

    We personally appear on behalf of our clients at each and every court appearance, allowing you to focus on your work and family, and not on your pending case. We will provide you with regular and detailed updates on the status of your case and will always make ourselves available to answer your questions.

    If you or someone you know has a criminal matter, you are invited to contact us to arrange for an initial client interview. We will sit down with you to discuss your case and give you a preliminary assessment of its strengths and weaknesses.

    In addition to providing you with superior advocacy and a tenacious representation, we are fluent in six different languages


    ​Reasonable Professional Fees

    Each case is different. We strongly believe in access to justice and will work with you to ensure you receive quality legal representation for a fee that is fair to you and allows us to perform the work competently.

    Payment Plans

    We offer payment plans that fit your personal financial circumstances. Please feel free to discuss your situation and we will explain the available options to you.


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