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Why Do I Need a Domestic Violence Lawyer in Newmarket?

To put it simply, an experienced defence lawyer in has the tools to strengthen your defence and, if it comes down to it, reduce the sentencing. Domestic charges in Ontario carry serious weight and the odds can be stacked against you.

For further context, the Crown has a zero-tolerance policy for domestic assault charges in the Ontario courts. It mandates an aggressive approach to what is defined as spousal abuse, or “domestic assault” allegations. In this case, a “domestic relationship” could point to disputes between people in relationships, a spouse, common-law partners, children, parents, and familial relatives.

The definitions can be specific, a defence lawyer can guide you in such instances. By doing so, you’ll be able to have a strong support system for your case and potentially lessen the consequence of your charge.

Many people charged with domestic assault, threatening death, or criminal harassment believe that if they explain their innocence and plead their case to the court, the charges can be dropped with a simple apology. This never happens and it’s all the more reason to hire a defense lawyer.

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Contact Semyonov Law, a trusted domestic assault lawyer in Newmarket. Domestic assault charges are treated very seriously in court. We can explain the process, provide support, have evidence that was obtained not pursuant to the law disregarded and protect your rights.

Semyonov possesses the legal knowledge and expertise to help strengthen your case and navigate you through the complex legal system, preparing you effectively for the prosecutor’s questioning.

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