Charged with Sexual Assault? Your First Step is to Hire the Right Lawyer!

If you are faced with a charge of sexual assault or a sexually related crime, you need to hire the right lawyer as quickly as possible. Defending an assault charge can be made easier with the help of Mr. Semyonov, as he can help you build a case that potentially saves you from a long-term prison sentence, separation from your family and loss of job employment.

As a reputable domestic violence attorney, Mr. Semyonov can carefully assess your individual circumstances and prepare a strong case for you in court. You need a lawyer that will inform you of the best course of action to protect yourself until the matter at hand is resolved.

Your first step, if you are facing sexual assault charges, is to call Semyonov Law

We understand that you are in a time-sensitive matter and you need a skilled attorney to comprehensively detail your options in building a strong case. In order to successfully defend a sexual assault case, your case must be stronger than the complainant’s credibility, whether proving that they had ulterior motives to press charges against you or falsely accusing you of a crime that you did not commit.

Mr. Semyonov will work tirelessly to help you prepare your testimony in order to handle the cross-examination of the Crown lawyer while reviewing any pre-trial application that may hold evidence to help you win your case. Additionally, an experienced sexual assault lawyer can also help identify if the evidence against you was obtained in a non-ethical or illegal effect, that if proven true, will not be used against you at the time of your trial.

You have the right to remain silent upon your charge

Under Section 7 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, you have the right to remain silent upon your arrest. Section 10(a) and 10(b) require the police to advise you of the reason for your arrest and your right to counsel, meaning you don’t have to speak to a police officer if you feel uncomfortable.

Section 7 of the Charter provides you with autonomy and personal legal rights from the actions of the government. The section is based on the presumption that all individuals are innocent until proven guilty, and if this right is violated by the officer on the scene, the trial judge may exclude the testimony obtained under such circumstances.

Why you shouldn’t represent yourself in court

The procedural complexities of representing yourself in court have been proven to be exceptionally challenging. One of the most common aspects is that those individuals who choose to represent themselves in court instead of using an experienced lawyer, have an unclear misunderstanding of how the trial and negotiation will play out during the trial.

When an individual represents themselves in court, the negotiations to withdraw or resolve the case are squandered when a third party, such as a legal attorney, is removed from the process. It is inevitable that a person who represents themselves will have a biased opinion on the matter, as the accused cannot negotiate effectively on their behalf without personal feelings clouding their judgement.

Hiring a prudent attorney can help you understand what is and what is not admissible during the course of your case, as there are constant challenging developments being made within Ontario law. Not being prepared with all the information will make it impossible to strategize any questioning or argument, instantly decreasing your chances of a favourable outcome. Retain a lawyer as soon as possible to increase your chances of a positive circumstance for your case, as well as receive a comprehensive rundown on the appropriate course of action ahead of you.

The most reasonable approach to your sexual assault charge is to hire the right lawyer!

Even among the highest trained lawyers, there is significant disagreement on how the law applies to the individual. That is why you need only the most trained criminal defence lawyer on your side to fight for you! 

If you are currently facing life-altering sexual assault charges, Semyonov Law will help you get the best possible outcomes for your circumstances. When you need timely legal advice, we can help you decrease your chances of getting convicted and prevent irreparable damage to your personal and professional career.

Call Vladimir Semyonov 24/7 and book your comprehensive appointment to heighten your chances of success in court!