Choosing the Right Assault Lawyer in Newmarket to Protect Your Future

Assault and domestic violence charges can have a dramatic effect on your life. Some repercussions are felt immediately, while others have far-­reaching impacts on your future employment, family court proceedings (including custody and access to your children), travel, and relationship opportunities.

  • ∙ Assault
  • ∙ Assault with a weapon
  • ∙ Assault causing bodily harm
  • ∙ Aggravated assault
  • ∙ Domestic assault
  • ∙ Criminal harassment
  • ∙ Threatening bodily harm
  • ∙  Threatening death
  • ∙  Spousal assault or abuse
  • ∙  Parental assault or abuse

Hiring a qualified domestic assault lawyer in Toronto is the best way to defend yourself against false allegations and avoid life-changing repercussions.
Our Newmarket criminal defence law firm is focused on providing expert representation to persons charged with criminal offences and in connection with their immigration law matters. We possess a wealth of experience in the criminal justice system as well as the immigration law system.

If you are being charged with drug offences, robbery and theft, assault, sexual assault, fraud, homicide or any other related criminal charges, contact our Newmarket law firm and we will have your case looked at by an experience lawyer promptly and at no charge for you – we offer free consultations. Our Newmarket criminal defence law firm also provides bail hearings, criminal court appeals, parole and probation, warrants and youth court.

Our practice includes adults and youths in connection with their criminal and immigration matters. We also represent clients at sentencing hearings and criminal appeals as well as refugee hearings, family sponsorship and other immigration hearings and appeals. We provide expert support and assistance to lawyers in other fields (such as commercial law) when their matters cross over into the criminal or immigration law realms.

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