Criminal Defence Lawyer Newmarket | Expert Knowledge and Representation

At Semyonov Law, a renowned Newmarket Criminal Defence Lawyer firm, we take great pride in offering expert legal representation for individuals facing criminal charges and comprehensive assistance with immigration law matters. Our seasoned team has unparalleled expertise in navigating both complex criminal justice systems and the intricacies of immigration law matters.

Criminal charges can be terrifying, and our law firm understands this anxiety well, so we offer support and guidance in your time of need. Whether drug offences, theft, assault, sexual assault, fraud or homicide allegations or anything else are being made against you, our skilled Newmarket lawyers offer thorough case analyses without incurring an initial financial burden – starting with offering free consultations to evaluate each client individually.

Semyonov Law provides much more than legal consultation. We expertly manage bail hearings, appeals in criminal court, parole and probation complexities, warrants and youth court cases to provide a comprehensive legal strategy for our clients. At Semyonov Law, we go far beyond acting simply as legal advisors; we act as your stalwart advocates both inside and outside the courtroom.

You have the right to understand every detail of the allegations against you and the available helpful resources at your disposal. We can advocate for your interests at all stages of your case, and convincingly present your defence in court. Mr. Semyonov has helped defend clients with various criminal offences to obtain the best possible results for their individual situations.

Our practice offers comprehensive legal services for both adults and youths involved in criminal or immigration-related proceedings, from sentencing hearings to appeals, refugee hearings, family sponsorship proceedings, hearings and appeals regarding refugee claims or any other immigration-related hearing or appeal proceedings. In addition, professionals in other legal fields – like commercial law – often seek our expertise when their cases require knowledge in these areas of law.

At Semyonov Law, affordability and access to justice are of utmost importance. That is why our reasonable fees follow a complimentary consultation, taking into account each individual case. Our firm strives to offer quality legal representation at fair prices while offering flexible payment plans to accommodate our client’s financial situation. Furthermore, we promote open conversations about your case and financial options, guaranteeing transparency and understanding between all our interactions.

If you have been charged with assault, it is essential to seek legal counsel immediately. At Semyonov Law, we understand the highly sensitive nature of your case and work in a diligent manner to give you peace of mind. We offer payment plans that fit your personal financial circumstances. Please feel free to discuss your situation and we will explain the available options to you.