Criminal Lawyer in Newmarket | Safeguarding Your Rights

Criminal convictions can have lasting repercussions for your future, so it is vital that you understand your rights and seek advice from an experienced criminal lawyer in Newmarket. At Semyonov Law, our experts protect your freedom by advocating on your behalf to maintain quality of life despite criminal charges.

Why You Require a Criminal Lawyer:

Criminal convictions of any severity can have lasting repercussions for your life, making legal representation essential. A criminal attorney plays an integral part in fighting for justice on your behalf, whether innocently wrongfully accused or guilty and facing penalties; they collect information to build strong cases and negotiate plea deals to reduce the severity of sentencing if necessary.

Why Hire a Criminal Lawyer Over Self-Representation:

Though you may believe you have enough evidence to demonstrate your innocence, an aggressive prosecution case may quickly overshadow individual efforts. Criminal lawyers bring expertise in gathering additional evidence beyond what might appear obvious and building a solid defence based on multiple factors for more authoritative representation.

Criminal Lawyering Process: Detailed Exploration.

Initial interviews between criminal lawyers and clients provide critical information that allows lawyers to fully comprehend all aspects of a case, providing a basis for crafting a robust legal defence. This initial phase lays the groundwork for creating an effective defence, allowing for a tailored legal strategy.

Defence attorneys conduct a detailed investigation after meeting with their client. This includes interviewing law enforcement personnel, witnesses, and anyone directly involved with the case. Attorneys carefully note any differences between stories provided by various parties  – using this evidence strategically as part of their defence strategy.

Next step for a criminal lawyer  involves conducting an in-depth analysis of the evidence presented, which may include carefully considering witness and client statements as well as independent testing if allowed within legal boundaries.

Before proceeding to trial, the criminal lawyer may enter into negotiations with the prosecutor to secure a plea bargain. This involves leveraging the gathered evidence to negotiate for a lesser punishment, demonstrating the strength of the defence’s case.

In the event that a plea bargain is not reached or deemed unfavourable, the case proceeds to trial. The criminal lawyer presents the evidence and the overall case before a judge, jury, and the prosecuting attorney. During this critical phase, the defence attorney vigilantly observes and challenges witness statements, aiming to expose any inaccuracies or insufficient evidence put forth by the prosecution. The defence lawyer works tirelessly to dismantle the prosecution’s case and establish the innocence or mitigate the culpability of their client.

Areas of Practice

At Semyonov Law in Newmarket, our criminal lawyers specialize in a wide array of offence practices, including but not limited to:

  • • Drug offences
  • • Criminal negligence
  • • Assault
  • • Drinking and driving
  • • Fraud
  • • Parole hearings and probation
  • • Youth offences
  • • Robbery and theft
  • • Murder and manslaughter


Cost of hiring a criminal attorney varies based on several factors, such as the severity of the crime, investigation expenses and the income of the accused individual. Fees also depend on experience level, skill set and billing structure (hourly rates or flat fees). Therefore, understanding the billing process is vital to facilitate payment smoothly.

No matter the severity of the crime against you, knowing your rights and working with an experienced criminal attorney are integral parts of achieving justice. At Semyonov Law in Newmarket, we’re dedicated to getting our clients the justice they deserve. Don’t delay–contact Semyonov Law immediately for peace of mind if convicted by calling (647)292-3377!