Domestic Assault Defence FAQs: What You Need To Know Before Consulting a Lawyer | Domestic Assault Defence Lawyer, Newmarket, Toronto

Domestic assault is a serious crime in Canada and occurs within the context of any domestic relationship. This can range anywhere from married couple, common law couples, and same sex partners among others. It can also involve close family members. 

In a domestic assault defence case, a trusted lawyer is needed for you to avoid a conviction from the Crown. If convicted of domestic assault, you can face severe jail time and consequences that will change your daily life. At Semyonov Law, our lead attorney Vladimir Semyonov will fight for your defence and represent your case. 

He is a lawyer who specializes in sexual assault and domestic assault defence. He has considerable experience working in Ontario’s courts and has clients in both Toronto and Newmarket. If you would like to request his services, you can call him now at (647)-292-3377. 

In the meantime, we have some useful answers for FAQS on domestic assault. We hope you find these insights helpful before turning to a lawyer. 


Can Domestic Assault Charges Be Dropped? 

Canadian law does not allow domestic assault charges to be dropped. The reason is that these charges are usually laid by the police and subsequently falls under the Crown’s jurisdiction. 

However, the prosecutor may drop the case if it is not worth pursuing in the public’s interest. A victim’s input may also determine whether the case moves forward. All in all, domestic assault cases do not always go to trial and are largely dependent on the prosecution. 


What are the Consequences of a Domestic Assault Charge?

The penalties of a domestic assault charge can vary, depending on the severity of the crime. If you are convicted or plead guilty to the charges, you may be subject to steep fines and a lengthy jail sentence. You may also be subject to a firearms prohibition or restraining order, depending on the case and the people involved. 

These charges will also stay permanently on your criminal record, making it harder for you to gain employment or buy a home. That is why it is important you seek legal counsel and a reliable lawyer to guide you through your case. 


How Do I Build a Defense Against Domestic Assault?

Domestic assault cases can go for a very long duration of time and charges can be very difficult to overturn. An experienced defence lawyer such as Vladimir Semyonov can help you prepare for this process and navigate through the complex legal system. 

If you want the most ideal outcome for your case, you will need a solid defence that advocates for your rights and perspective. This can lead to an acquittal or a negotiated plea deal with the Crown if you have a reliable lawyer. 

Before you are brought into the courtroom, we always highly recommend speaking with a lawyer beforehand. This will help you be prepared and build a defence against a domestic assault charge. 


What Happens During a Domestic Assault Trial?

In the courtroom, if you are defending yourself, you will not have the opportunity to cross examine the victim or witness. Subsequently, the prosecution will also tender evidence from prior alleged incidents of abuse to build their case against you and create a narrative for your motives. 

The process can get very complicated and figuring out when and who can speak can be confusing. An experienced criminal defence lawyer can help you navigate through the trial and speak on your behalf if necessary. 


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