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19.3% of all those who completed their own immigration application were refused. Whatever the reason for your visa refusal, it is important not to lose hope in gaining a visa acceptance in the future. If you seek to gain a Canadian Visa, it is highly recommended that you seek professional legal assistance from our immigration lawyer in Newmarket.

Mr. Semyonov is a prudent bail hearing lawyer in Newmarket that will represent you justly and improve your chances of a favourable outcome. We will represent you in your urgent immigration hearings and appeals, allowing you to focus on your family, work and personal circumstances.


Why Do You Need to Hire an Immigration Lawyer?

The chances of your Canadian Visa being accepted are nearly doubled when you hire an immigration lawyer.

All immigration should be handled with appropriate expertise and comprehensive knowledge of Canadian immigration laws. Here is how our immigration lawyer in Newmarket adheres to the highest standards of client service:

  • Affordable Fees: We can offer you affordable rates for your case without delivering false promises. We are dedicated to providing you sound legal advice at a reasonable price. 
  • Urgent Deadlines are Met: Semyonov Law will take the stress away from your case and ensure that all necessary documents are correct and present when the time is due. Overlooking required legalities can jeopardize your case, and the first step in reaching a positive outcome is to have the correct documentation.
  • Increasing Your Chances of Success: While there are never 100% chances of succeeding, you can increase your chances of your visa being granted with the right legal help. We will serve as representatives in your case, and we will use our extensive legal expertise to improve your chances of acceptance into Canada.


Can You Reapply for a Visa If I Got Denied?

Yes, but you must act promptly.

There are viable options to reapply if you have been refused a Canadian Visa by Citizenship and Immigration Canada. However, there is a short amount of time in which you can do so. Appealing your visa refusal is a complicated and delicate process. Hiring an experienced immigration lawyer can increase your chances of acceptance.


How Do I Appeal Against a Visa Refusal in Canada?

You have 3 methods of appealing against your visa refusal:

  1. Requesting restoration to the Case Processing Center.
  2. Appealing your visa refusal to the Immigration Adjudicating Division.
  3. Appealing your visa refusal to the Federal Court of Canada.

Appealing your visa refusal is dependant on several factors. Various methods of appeals are better suited for your personal circumstances.

Questions you must ask yourself include, “What type of visa did I apply for?”, “Is my intention to be a permanent resident?” and “Should I have applied for a student or visitor visa?”. Your questions can be answered with accurate legal expertise from our law firm. 

We will represent you on your behalf in court and provide you with regular detailed updates on your appeal. Our expert support can assist you in all sensitive immigration realms.


What are the Reasons for Visa Rejection?

Understanding why your Canadian visa got rejected can further create a successful plan for future visa approval. We can help you relieve the stress from your visa refusal and implement the correct protocols to increase your chances of acceptance.

Here are some reasons why your initial visa might have been rejected:

  1. Insufficient Documentation: You must provide evidence that what you are saying is true. For example, if you are stating that you have worked at your company for 2 years, you must present a reference letter entailing your responsibilities, hours worked and place of business. Failure to provide appropriate documentation can result in your visa rejection.
  2. Criminal Record: Visa applicants with a criminal record in their home country with a criminal offence in Canada may get rejected. To improve your chances of gaining a Canadian Visa, you must prove that you have been rehabilitated. Working with a trusted immigration lawyer can provide the required rehabilitation forms.
  3. Lack of Evidence Showing that You Can Support You and Your Family Financially: You will need to provide sufficient proof that you will be able to sustain yourself and your dependents during the duration of your visa. Insufficient funds and evidence that you will sustain your living can result in a visa denial.
  4. Poor Health Conditions: You will need to provide an immigration medical exam implemented by a government-approved medical institution to prove that are you are in good health to immigrate to Canada. Medical inadmissibility includes:
  • The risk to public health, including infectious active diseases,
  • An excessive dependency on Canadian healthcare services,
  • The risk of public safety including mental incapabilities and violent behaviour.

Consult our credited law firm for further information on how you can decrease your chances of getting a Canadian Visa refusal.


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