Assault Criminal Defence Lawyer Toronto | Newmarket

Assault and domestic violence charges can have a dramatic effect on your life. Some repercussions are felt immediately, while others have far-­reaching impacts on your future employment, family court proceedings (including custody and access to your children), travel, and relationship opportunities.

  • ∙ Assault
  • ∙ Assault with a weapon
  • ∙ Assault causing bodily harm
  • ∙ Aggravated assault
  • ∙ Domestic assault
  • ∙ Criminal harassment
  • ∙ Threatening bodily harm
  • ∙  Threatening death
  • ∙  Spousal assault or abuse
  • ∙  Parental assault or abuse

Hiring a qualified domestic assault lawyer in Toronto is the best way to defend yourself against false allegations and avoid life-changing repercussions.