Turn To A Skilled Criminal Lawyer For Defence On Sexual Assault Charges

If you’re facing sexual assault charges, it is crucial you seek the assistance of Semyonov Law sexual assault defence lawyer in Toronto, to discuss your case. Our representation and experience can help you avoid the severe consequences associated with such offenses. Improper handling of sexual violence cases can have severe consequences for your future. It is highly recommended to seek the services of a criminal defence attorney as soon as possible to strengthen your case from the very beginning.

Common cases involve a child, and children may make false accusations of sexual assault against adults for various reasons. Whether it is for seeking attention or a misunderstanding of the events which took place, it is important to get to the bottom of the facts. Children can easily be influenced by adults who may have a hidden agenda. A skilled lawyer is needed to challenge a child’s claims and investigate any possible motives for making false allegations.

What Is Sexual Assault?

Non-consensual physical contact between two people with a sexual nature is the direct definition of sexual assault. This definition is broad and encompasses a range of behaviors, from rape to a brief touch or kiss without permission. For non-consensual touching to be classified as sexual assault, it must have a sexual aspect. The court will consider the circumstances and body parts involved in the touching to determine its sexual nature. Non-consensual touching of sexual organs is typically also considered sexual assault, even without the goal or gain or sexual gratification. 

A conviction for sexually assaulting a child carries a mandatory minimum sentence of either six months or one year. The duration depends on whether the Crown prosecutes the offense as a summary or indictable offense. The maximum sentence for simple sexual assault of a child is 14 years, and the minimum and maximum prison terms increase if the child suffers physical harm or if a weapon is involved. 

Charged With Sexual Assault?

A conviction leads to registration on the provincial and federal sex offender registries, which may last a lifetime. This can harm an individual’s professional and social standing, limit their job opportunities, and affect their future in multiple ways. The Canadian government has implemented the Sex Offenders Registry, which serves as a tool for law enforcement agencies and select organizations to track and investigate individuals convicted of sexual offences. While the personal information of the charged individual, as well as the registry itself, is not accessible or available to the public, there are still repercussions. The information includes the addresses, employment, volunteer work, and schooling, as well as descriptions of their license plate and vehicles used. Registered individuals must also inform the police if they plan on being absent from one of their registered addresses for over seven days. Companies typically run a criminal check, and while they cannot access the information, they can see who is registered. 

As a credible criminal Lawyer, Mr. Semyonov has the necessary resources to investigate and defend against charges of child sexual assault. Our approach may involve accurately reviewing the complainant’s background and credibility, which is crucial in these cases. We also work with our network of experts to review forensic evidence like DNA to build a strong defence. Our experience and successful track record in handling these challenging cases will provide clients with confidence that their cases are being handled appropriately.

The Crown Prosecutor must prove that the complainant did not consent to the sexual contact if the accused should be convicted. If the complainant did not give their consent to the sexual contact, an honest but mistaken belief in consent may still be a defence. This defence is limited and restricted since, in Canadian law, there is no such thing as implied consent, and a person cannot rely on a mistaken belief in consent.

Semyonov Law provides top-quality legal representation for sexual assault cases and will support you throughout the entire legal process. Semyonov, a highly experienced sexual assault lawyer from Newmarket, has the legal expertise to guide you in the right direction, address your concerns quickly and accurately, and increase your chances of success in court. If you require a dependable sexual interference defence lawyer, Semyonov Law is here to assist and work alongside you. For any questions and more information, do not hesitate to call us at 647-292-3377.