Why Trusting A Criminal Defense Lawyer Is In Your Best Interest | Criminal Defense Assault Lawyer Newmarket (Revised 2023)

How To Strengthen Your Defence In Court

Domestic violence charges can be very difficult to deal with and the trials for such cases can also be challenging as well. The key to having a strong defence against allegations of domestic violence is to enlist the services of a lawyer who understands criminal proceedings directly related to such charges.  An experienced lawyer will be able to explain how best to fight the charges and provide customized legal counsel according to your specific situation.

If you are facing charges of domestic violence, one very important thing you should do is to make sure to follow all instructions provided by a police officer. Even if you believe yourself to be innocent, failure to follow instructions can potentially result in a harsher sentence. It may be a good idea to write down your account of events in full and present it to your lawyer prior to the trial. This can help your lawyer strengthen your defence. 

Having an experienced defence lawyer also comes into play in the courtroom. They can provide guidance to obtain the best possible result and work to make sure the truth of the case comes out in court.

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Domestic assault is a serious crime in Canada and occurs within the context of any domestic relationship. This can range anywhere from married couple, common law couples, and same sex partners among others. It can also involve close family members.

In a domestic assault defence case, a trusted lawyer is needed for you to avoid a conviction from the Crown. If convicted of domestic assault, you can face severe jail time and consequences that will change your daily life. At Semyonov Law, our lead attorney Vladimir Semyonov will fight for your defence and represent your case.

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