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Assault is considered a serious offence in Ontario and can carry significant penalties if convicted.

As a respected criminal defence lawyer, Mr. Semyonov has the experience and compassion to help you with your legal circumstances. If you have been charged with a sexual assault charge, it is of the highest importance to get the prudent legal help you deserve.

You have the right to understand every detail of the allegations against you and the available helpful resources at your disposal. We can advocate for your interests at all stages of your case, and convincingly present your defence in court. Mr. Semyonov has helped defend clients with various criminal offences to obtain the best possible results for their individual situations.

In Toronto, many things can be considered an assault offence that would lead to a criminal case. Some of the following include:

  • • Assault with a weapon or intend to cause bodily harm.
  • • Aggravated Assault
  • • Domestic Assault
  • • Harassment
  • • Threatening Bodily Harm
  • • Threatening Death
  • • Domestic Abuse

Sexual harassment often involves discriminatory comments and behaviour or unwanted touching that never goes so far as sexual intercourse. While it is not considered as serious as a sexual assault charge, sexual harassment is just as consequential because it can take place in a professional workspace or area where such behavior should not be expected.  

A 2014 poll has shown that around 43% of women in the workplace reported cases of sexual harassment and were more than twice as likely to experience it than men. Because of changes in attitudes and regulations, more women are speaking out against sexual harassment and providing meaningful dialogue to enact serious change. Moreover, sexual harassers are now more subject to both public and private scrutiny if they have sexually harassed someone. 

With a conditional discharge, an individual will remain on probation with certain conditions for a designated period of time. Additionally, the discharge will come off the individual’s record after three years. 

If you have been granted an ‘Absolute Discharge’, you will be released with no probation or conditions, and the discharge will only remain on your record for one year. If you have been convicted of an offence that was particularly serious, such as aggravated assault with a weapon, you are unlikely to be eligible to receive either a conditional or absolute charge.

As an experienced criminal defence lawyer, Mr. Semyonov will gather valuable evidence to create a reasonable doubt about the charges filed against you, and put you in a position to grant you the most favourable outcome for your circumstances.

Semyonov Law Provides You With A Confidential And Detailed Consultation Is Your First Step In Building Your Case! In Court In Newmarket

If you have been charged with assault, it is essential to seek legal counsel immediately. At Semyonov Law, we understand the highly sensitive nature of your case and work in a diligent manner to give you peace of mind. We offer payment plans that fit your personal financial circumstances. Please feel free to discuss your situation and we will explain the available options to you.

If you have questions on sexual assault charges and need immediate defense for a case, please do not hesitate to call me at (647)-292-3377 or contact me HERE.

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