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Criminal convictions can be detrimental to one’s future. From minor convictions, such as theft under $5,000, to more serious convictions such as assault, these remain on one’s record and can drastically impact the outlook of an individual. Those with criminal records may face issues trying to find work down the road, maintaining financial comfort, or dealing with the mental ramifications of a criminal conviction. If you have been convicted of a crime, it is imperative that you know your rights and speak to a criminal lawyer as soon as possible. Our Newmarket Criminal lawyer is here to help you, our main goal is to get you the justice you deserve so you can maintain a quality of life well beyond a criminal conviction.

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How can a Newmarket criminal lawyer help me if I have been convicted of a crime?

Criminal lawyers fight for justice on your behalf. If you have been convicted of a crime you did not commit, criminal defence lawyers will gather information from the case to prove your innocence. If you have committed the crime, they work to lessen the severity of the sentence at hand. Opting for a criminal defence lawyer as a viable representation will allow a more authoritative defense case in your name. 

Why choose a Newmarket criminal lawyer if you can represent yourself? Should you have what you deem as sufficient evidence to prove your innocence, it may not hold up against a strong prosecution case. Newmarket criminal lawyer will be able to gather evidence beyond what is palpable to those initially involved. They can decipher information and comprise a strong case based on a plethora of factors.


What does a Newmarket criminal lawyer do when working on my case?

The length of a case is contingent on the evidence brought forth and the severity of the conviction. Trials typically take a lengthy amount of time to allow both the prosecution and the defence to build a case and comprise as much evidence as possible. When working with a defence lawyer, the process is as followed.

An initial interview is conducted between the Newmarket criminal lawyer and the client. During this time, the lawyer will ask the client for as much information as possible into the case and their individual stance in the matter. Defence lawyers will utilize viable information provided to build a defence acquired from the questioning process. 

A thorough investigation into the case is then conducted by the defence lawyer. Questioning of any law enforcement, witnesses, or other individuals within the case will be conducted to further help build a defence for the client at hand. Not only will defence lawyers compile a defence based on information provided, but also the manner in which those individuals speak to them. If stories vary from one individual to another, defence lawyers will take note of this and can utilize it as a part of the clients’ defence. 

Post-questioning, an evidence analysis is conducted. The criminal defence lawyer will study the evidence that has been presented thus far. This can include; witness statements, client statements, law enforcement statements, crime scene, objects related to the case, and demeanor of those involved. If permitted, the lawyer can have evidence tested on their own independent terms. 


Prior to setting a date for trial, both the prosecutor and the defence can enter a plea bargain. During a plea bargain, the defence can negotiate a lesser punishment for their client based on the evidence and statements provided thus far.

The trial is where evidence and statements are brought forth in front of a judge, a jury, both prosecutor and defence, and in some cases, an audience; typically containing friends and family members of those involved. During the trial, criminal defence lawyers are given the opportunity to present their evidence and case. They are also vigilant in observing the behaviour and language of witnesses and statements provided by the prosecutor. Should anything arise that may seem false, fabricated, or questionable, the defence lawyer will bring it to the attention of those within the courthouse. The defence lawyer will work to prove the prosecution is inaccurate or may not have provided sufficient evidence needed to convict the client. 

The length of the trial depends on a plethora of factors including; evidence brought forth, contradicting statements, the views of the jury, the inability for the jury to reach a unanimous decision or lack of evidence on both sides. A trial is over once a sentence has been given. The sentence will be based on; the severity of the crime, the cases brought forth by both the prosecutor and the defence, the evidence provided, witness statements, and law enforcement statements.

What areas do criminal lawyers practice in?

Newmarket criminal lawyers can aid clients in a wide array of offence practices, ranging from mild to severe. At Semyonov Law in Newmarket, our practice areas include;

Drug offences including; possession, trafficking, production, importing/exporting

Criminal negligence including; criminal negligence causing bodily harm and criminal negligence causing death

Assault including; domestic assault, assault with a weapon, aggravated assault, assault causing bodily harm, threatening bodily harm, threatening death, spousal assault, parental assault, assault sexual in nature (aggravated sexual assault, threats of sexual assault, assault with a weapon, sexual interference, sexual exploitation, voyeurism)

Drinking and Driving and/or distracted driving

Fraud including bank fraud, insurance fraud, employment fraud, lottery fraud, Ponzi schemes, forged documents, conspiracy, mail fraud, credit card fraud

Parole Hearings and Probation

Youth offences 

Robbery and Theft

Murder and manslaughter

How much does it cost to hire a criminal lawyer?

The cost to hire a Newmarket criminal lawyer varies depending on the underlying factors of the case. Contingencies that could alter the cost include;

The severity of the crime. Typically, the more extensive and serious the crime, the higher the fees. Vis a vis, crimes deemed less severe have lower fees in comparison. 

Investigation costs. The cost of investigation ties into the severity of the crime. Higher tier crimes may require more extensive investigation, thus more tools and experts provided. Open and shut cases have nominal fees compared to lengthy cases where evidence is not initially prevalent. 

The income of the accused person. The income plays a large role in the entire cost of hiring a criminal defence lawyer. An overview of said income can determine the appropriate lawyer for the accused person’s case that can correctly proceed to a favourable outcome.

As previously stated, the cost of each individual criminal defence lawyers differs. It’s contingent, not only on the aforementioned factors, but on the lawyer themselves as well. Fees may vary depending on; the experience level, the skill set brought forth, and any flat fees or hourly rates associated with the lawyer. It’s important to understand the billing process and any associated fees/costs prior to hiring on a defence lawyer to ensure payment goes smoothly.

When it comes to any conviction, minor or severe, true or false, it’s important to understand your rights and work with a criminal defence lawyer with vast knowledge of the legal system as well as your case. It’s in their best interest to get you the justice you deserve

Have you recently been convicted of a crime? Don’t delay. Contact Semyonov Law, a trusted Newmarket law firm and get the justice and peace of mind you need.

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