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The Criminal Code of Canada views domestic assault in a grave light. If you or a loved one are charged with assault, don’t panic. Semyonov Law can help you defend a domestic assault charge and strengthen your case in court using our acuity and knowledge of the legal system. 

Vladimir Semyonov is an experienced domestic violence lawyer in Newmarket and Toronto.

Using a wealth of legal expertise, Semyonov will assess the strengths and weaknesses of your case, prepare you for the prosecutor’s questioning and help negotiate the best possible outcome.

Domestic violence can have repercussions into your future if handled improperly. I strongly suggest seeking out a criminal defence attorney without delay to strengthen your case from day one. 

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Domestic Assault Defence Lawyer Newmarket

Domestic assault is an act committed under the purview of a domestic relationship, defined by the Crown as assault against a family or household member, usually a spouse or partner. It is often undertaken with the intent to cause fear in or inflict harm on another individual. 

This is not likely. The Crown does not allow alleged victims to drop domestic assault charges against the accused once the charges have been instituted by the police. Prosecutors, on the other hand, may withdraw charges if they feel prosecuting the case is not viable in the interest of the public or if there is little chance of a guilty verdict. 

Your first point of contact should be an experienced defence attorney or legal counsel. Semyonov Law can help you navigate through the complex court process and deal with bail hearings, negotiate for reduced sentencing and obtain favourable court conditions. 

A good legal team can result in more lenient penalties or negotiations for a plea deal with the Crown Attorney. 

I’m available to answer your questions. Contact Semyonov Law today at:

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Very rarely do domestic assault charges make it all the way to trial. What conditions could affect whether or not your case goes to trial? Simply put, this may depend on the defence team and prosecution reaching a plea deal, the prosecution withdrawing the charges, or the victim recanting their original statements.

Cases that do go to trial very often move quickly and involve a few witnesses. The Crown attorney prosecuting the case may seek testimony from the police officers who responded to the incident and the alleged victim. The defence team may only ask their client to the stand to testify.

If the only witnesses are the alleged victim and the accused, the judge will reach a verdict based on the credibility of the parties.

Yes. Bail may be granted. You might have to spend a day in police custody before going to court for a bail hearing. The length of custody can vary based on when the charge was formally laid. If it falls on a weekend, you might have to spend the weekend in detainment. 

In court, the Crown can either consent to your release based on specified conditions, or oppose it outright. If such is the case, a contested bail hearing will take place afterwards, presided over by a Justice of the Peace.

If you’re convicted of a domestic assault charge, the penalties can vary depending on the seriousness or complexity of the case. This may range from time spent in prison to a plea deal. The judge may also require you to attend counseling classes and pay any fees in regards to property damage or medical expenses. 

The matter of children involved must be brought to the court’s attention when bail is being set. If convicted of a charge, the Justice of the Peace may organize certain conditions to allow the accused to see the children, albeit under restricted circumstances. A third-party will be responsible for creating these arrangements.

A domestic assault charge stays on your record permanently and can have serious implications on finding future employment or a place to rent. Moreover, you will not be able to contact or visit your spouse or children as before. 

Given these high stakes, I strongly urge you to contact me today. I will review your case thoroughly, try to find inconsistencies in the accuser’s version of events and have evidence obtained not pursuant to the law dismissed from your case.

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Semyonov believes in fair access to justice and understands that each individual has different financial needs and circumstances. We will provide exceptional legal services while working at a fee that is fair to both parties.

Time is of the essence, contact me immediately and I will walk you through my fees and flexible payment options.

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