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A sexual assault charge is often tricky to navigate as it usually comes down to one person’s word against the other’s. 

The Crown views aggravated assault, domestic assault and sexual assault in a grave light given the far-reaching consequences. In most cases, the police do make an arrest when responding to a domestic or sexual assault incident. 


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It’s imperative to contact a trusted criminal defence lawyer in Newmarket without delay. If you or a loved one are facing a charge of this nature, and I cannot stress this enough, timely legal assistance is of the utmost importance. 

My name is Vladimir Semyonov and I am a sexual assault lawyer in Newmarket, having successfully defended hundreds of individuals using a combination of legal acuity, a wealth of experience and a level of astuteness to detect flaws in the prosecutor’s case. 

Depending on the circumstances of your case, and if it comes down to it, I may also be able to work with the plaintiff’s team to negotiate a plea bargain or reduced sentencing. 

I also practice as a domestic violence lawyer and use my legal background to guide you through the court proceedings, and improve your chances of coming away with your reputation intact. 

In this article, I walk you through what you can expect in the next coming months, and how a lawyer plays a massive role to strengthen your case in court. 


Getting Charged With Sexual Assault

This is a distressing time for you, but bear in mind that a sexual assault charge does not always equate to a guilty verdict. 

There are several things that the prosecution must do in order to secure a conviction. In many cases, the prosecution drops charges altogether after filing them if they are not certain of securing the evidence needed for a conviction.

Given that the prosecution team is highly astute and has the legal prowess to build a strong case against you, it’s important to have an equally competent criminal defence lawyer on your side. 


Know Your Charter Rights

If your case goes to trial, the Crown prosecution has to provide evidence that suggests the alleged crime transpired with a doubt. 

As your defence attorney, I will carefully examine the details of the arrest and arraignment to ensure that your rights weren’t violated. Any discrepancies in these procedures could lead to the dismissal of your case. 

Other similar grounds for dismissal; the interrogating officers forced you to make a self-incriminating statement, the police searched your premises without a warrant or neglected to inform you of your right to speak to a lawyer. 


Sexual Assault Court Proceedings

In a majority of cases pertaining to sexual assault, all that is needed to lay a charge is the complainant’s verbal accusation. Because physical evidence is not always present in these types of scenarios, it’s up to the defence to spot improbabilities and inconsistencies in the accuser’s version of events, and rigorously question them to test their credibility. 

Using a range of tactics, I investigate if there was any underlying motive for the accusation that delegitimizes its credibility. For instance, it may be found that the complainant laid false sexual assault charges to gain a favourable outcome for another case; divorce settlement, child custody, etc. 


Strengthen Your Defence in Court

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